Inspire. Streamline. Transform.

Change is a good thing.

Any movement forward requires some level of change – sometimes considerable change. Project priorities, investment focuses, partner relationships and even staff structure are all areas that sometimes need reconsideration and reorganization. Change can be touchy, but it can, and should, be incredibly powerful.

VIVA facilitates organizational change that breaks down bureaucracy, improves efficiency and increases effectiveness. We are credible agents of change because we have a wealth of experience with issues facing social service and philanthropic organizations and we don’t beat around the bush; we are effective facilitators because we have a unique ability to bring parties of varying priorities and personalities together and inspire them to work together for a common goal.

VIVA facilitated change services include:

  • Community planning
  • Partnership evaluation
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Realignment of community investments

"VIVA is able to work with diverse groups with differing agendas and facilitate discussion and consensus. They are excellent problem solvers with the ability to quickly size up a situation, determine alternative solutions, and select the right one. It has been eleven years since I first worked with Christina on Healthy Start and the resulting program continues to be sustained, even though the grant that initially funded the project ended in 2006 – quite an accomplishment. People Helping People has successfully partnered with Christina and Nicole on subsequent efforts since that time.”
     – Dean Palius, CEO People Helping People

Case Study

San Ynez Valley People Helping People

Client Type: Nonprofit Organization.

Project: Planning of Santa Ynez Valley High School District’s Healthy Start Program.

Challenge: Bring together a variety of parties to establish a student and family resource center on the Santa Ynez High School campus. Run by People Helping People, the program would provide bilingual language academic and mental health counseling, linkages to basic needs assistance, and youth development opportunities.

VIVA’S Approach: Convene stakeholders including a sovereign tribal nation, health care providers, school district personnel, parents, law enforcement and others to create a support network for students who were being disproportionately unsuccessful in high school. Embed the program into main student services and buildings so that it would become entrenched within the school environment and not viewed as an adjunct program.

Outcomes: The Healthy Start resource center was established the following year and was quickly named by students as “Pirates Cove” – a haven for student support services. Santa Ynez High School has found the program so helpful for students and families that it is now a primary funder of the locally sustained project.