Strategic. Tactical. Smart.

Communications is where strategy, organizational change and coalition building meet the real world.

Effective communications are critical to the success of any initiative. We give proper attention to the strategic quality of communications and provide our clients with the tactical support they need to follow through with the plans we make.

VIVA’s approach is to identify the information needs of stakeholders at all levels and develop communications solutions that help support the effectiveness of partners and coalitions as a whole. The result is increased visibility and awareness of your organization’s issues, results and impact.

VIVA communications services include:

  • Comprehensive and strategic communications planning
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Cause marketing
  • Development of collateral material tied to client needs, goals and initiatives
  • Strategic communications research and writing

“As a strategic partner, VIVA brings expertise, talent and a passion for helping people, along with the right messages, the right materials and the right tactics to Ventura County Together to engage the wider community to support those struggling the most.”
– Hugh Ralston, President and CEO, Ventura County Community Foundation and fiscal agent for Ventura County Together.

Case Study

Ventura County Together

Client Type: A public, non-profit, and philanthropic community partnership.

Project: Cause marketing for a local coalition of organizations that have come together to help address the growing need for the basics of food, shelter and medical care.

Challenge: To develop communications strategies and messaging for a coalition that operates through in-kind support, without staff and that includes more than 40 partners who have a primary focus on supporting the mission and services of their own organizations. With all resources designated for services, the coalition did not have the resources to develop and implement communications strategies to generate broad community awareness. They needed support to develop their brand, clear messaging and an online presence for targeted fund-raising efforts and ongoing outreach.

VIVA’S Approach: VIVA identified the essential communication needs for the coalition, including clear messaging and short and long-term fund development and outreach strategies. VIVA developed a brand for the coalition, including a logo and brand message, and coordinated the development of the coalition’s website (including all content and conceptual planning).

Outcomes: The Ventura County Together website was launched and served as an essential go-to site for a recent short-term fundraising campaign. The campaign generated nearly $70,000 in less than one week from corporations, public and private philanthropic organizations and individual donors. Ventura County Together now has a strong, professional brand, communications tools and strategies that give the coalition a foundation for their ongoing collaborative work: helping community members who are facing the greatest needs.

Case Study

Visit California

Client Type: A privately funded nonprofit marketing organization focused on promoting California as a desirable travel destination. Visit California serves as the industry leader for more than 100 statewide destinations and more than 50 tourism business districts.

Project: To up-level and refine the language of their 5 year, $50 million, global strategic marketing plan and to develop a stand-alone executive summary of the plan to appeal to an executive-level business audience.

Challenge: Visit California had spent more than a year working with industry leaders to develop a data-rich and comprehensive strategic marketing plan. The plan was developed through a Strategic Plan Task Force that included a number of topical sub-committees, staff and consultants. The resulting plan was excellent in many ways, but the client felt that it needed to be refined to bring a more unified voice to achieve the strategic objectives of the piece as a leadership platform, and a tool for education and industry relations. Given that the complete plan was 130 pages long, there was also a need to have a short piece that would capture the highlights and most important messaging from the plan. The challenge was stepping in at the tail-end of the project on a short timeline and getting up to speed on the industry, the process and the needs of the client to quickly deliver.

VIVA’S Approach: Via a strategic deep dive with key program owners for research, marketing and communications, quickly absorbed the background of the complex project, the concerns and the desired end product. Reorganized and refined the content of the front end of the product. Developed a concise, high impact, executive summary.

Outcomes: Visit California has a roadmap for its large-scale global marketing efforts for the next five years with greater consistency in language, flow and readability. In addition, they have an executive summary that captures their history, strategic marketing objectives and strategies, as well as Visit California’s action-oriented approach, that will be utilized as a tool to communicate to national and global audiences.